Craig R. Medvecky

Creative Writer and English Teacher

CV: Administrative Experience

Graduate Writing Center Coordinator

  • In the Graduate Community
  • At Loyola, one of my main tasks is to promote specific graduate writing center services across all three Loyola campuses. The centerpiece of this effort is a series of Graduate Writing Workshops that I design and run every semester. These active learning sessions explore the academic writing process from a range of genre and program specific angles. For example, I recently spent time with Dr. Denise Bike's ED 600 class; after which Dr. Bike wrote: Thank you for kicking off their semester of writing on the perfect tone. The information you provided and the new perspective through which to view the graduate writing process was invaluable. Similarly I worked with Drs. Hinkel and Donaldson in their team taught Liberal Studies 613. They reported, Your involvement in our class was immensely helpful. Little did I expect such detailed and thoughtful feedback as well. And: It was really great meeting you and working together this semester, Craig. I hope it's the first of many semesters to follow. I know how much our students appreciated your guidance and instruction, and I thank you again on their behalf.
  • Faculty Liaison
  • In addition, I serve as a faculty liaison collaborating with deans and program heads to provide improved graduate writing services at the program level. My work in this area my include everything from visiting program orientations to hosting special seminars to presenting at meetings for chairs or deans. In the past year, I have worked with deans and program heads from various departments to understand and promote the articulation of improved graduate writing goals at the program level, including: Liberal Studies, Education, Psychology, ELMBA, and Communications.
  • Center Administration
  • Throughout the year, I train and supervise our entire staff of graduate tutors, while overseeing the graduate writing center budget year round. In this area my duties are broad and include editing our tutor training manual, spending shifts with tutors, updating the center website, marketing our programs, researching new online technologies for peer-tutoring and much more.

Program Coordinator, CIPD (Sept 2012 - Jun 2013)

  • Designed professional development activities for Graduate TAs
  • While working at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Center for Instructional and Professional Development, I designed and promoted new workshops for Graduate TAs across campus. The first was called Meeting Students Where They Are. This workshop provided a forum for GTAs to explore the role of low-stakes assessments in their teaching practice as a means of gauging student learning throughout their courses. This workshop explains how to build frequent ‘low-stakes’ assessments into daily lesson plans, discusses ways of interpreting the assessment results. The workshop involved the collaboration of JAMS instructor, Michelle Fetherston. The second workshop, called Creating a Teaching Portfolio, offered graduate teaching assistants the opportunity to explore the documents needed in a teaching portfolio. The session included a review of various philosophies of teaching and hands on time for participants to begin crafting their own statements. Lastly the workshop explored several on-line services and tools for maintaining a portfolio through graduation and beyond. The workshop involved the collaboration of LTC staffer, Matthew Russell.
  • Revision of Level-B Oral and Written Communications Requirements
  • Recent legislation approved by the UWM Faculty Senate in May 2012, modified Oral and Written Communication (OWC) competencies to include both an A and a B requirement. In order to assist the transition to these new guidelines, I worked as a part of a team that developed and disseminated information and resources to Departments, Programs and Schools across campus. These materials we developed helped faculty and administrators respond efficiently and appropriately to the new requirements. Our materials have been endorsed by the APCC for endorsement.
  • Planning and Coordination for UWM's "Assessment Showcase"
  • In preparation for re-accreditation, the Provost’s Office and CIPD devised a first-ever “Assessment Showcase” held on Friday, March 1, 2013. Goals of the Assessment Showcase were to highlight the work being done by individuals, departments and programs around campus in assessing student learning; to encourage collaboration between individuals, departments and programs as they continue to work on assessing student learning; to promote successful strategies and practices; and to make connections between assessing work in individual courses and meeting department/program learning outcomes.

Writing Center Administration

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